Jen & Tori

Hey there! we're

Wedding photogs, educators,
BFFs, Taco Bell enthusiasts

I'm Jen and I'm a southern at heart wedding photographer who laughs hard and loves even harder. An artist by nature, photography goes so much deeper than just a beautiful image for me. In a world of 6 second videos and disappearing images, photographing special moments has a way of stopping time for a fleeting second and offers a chance to look back on a memory too sweet for words!

Jen Larsen

I'm a southern-at-heart wedding photographer who laughs hard and loves even harder. 

I’m just crazy about having a good freaking time with my couples while capturing those real-life moments. I cringe at stiff posing and putting people in static, unnatural positions. No thank you to awkward laughs – I want those genuine double-chin cackles and wildly fun in-between moments! Photography is my vehicle for impacting lives, and it is truly the biggest honor getting to play a part in people's love stories and milestones. Throw me out into nature with a joyful, adventurous couple and I will be the happiest lil photog ever!

Tori Kelner

I'm an NJ-based photographer with a big heart and open mind. I'm fully committed to: artichokes, Britney Spears, and fuzzy socks.


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fun friendship facts

• We've photographed over 50 weddings together in less than 3 years!

• Maryland, Arizona, California, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and New York are all places we've traveled together! Annnd, we're off to Texas in 2020!

• Taco Bell is our next most loyal friend aside from each other. #livemas

• We love plants but can't keep them alive.

• We're known for tearing up the dance floor at weddings and talking for hours in the parking lot before we head home regardless of how long our drive is.

• Our first 'date' was at a coffee shop and we talked for 3 hours. Should've known then we'd be obsessed with each other :)